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Morel Mushroom Hunting in Lewiston Michigan


morelsDuring spring, March madness will be replaced by Morel Mushroom madness throughout Michigan.  Here is a little advice about this Michigan treasure.

First, You can eat any mushroom once. There's "No Cure" for mushroom poisoning! If you consume a naughty one, you will either live, or die. Either way you're going to regret it!

Second, if you plan to search for these, educate yourself. Try and go from there, correctly identifying morels is vital. It is a good idea for first timers to go with someone who has some experience. Please don't pick all the little ones.

Third, if you are going for the first time or taking children, dress appropriately. You will be hunting in wild areas and should plan for cold wet conditions that may contain poison ivy or trolls.

Fourth, ask permission before entering private property and respect postings and fences. There are plenty of hiking and nature trail areas in state parks.

Finally don't waste your time asking where to find Morels. Those who have a favorite hunting place will keep it a secret.  However, here are some clues. Look near fruit or nut trees especially with good drainage. Some say that oak trees are best and some say red oaks specifically.  Warm nights make for fast growth.

Morel hunting in the U.P. will be better in May rather than March.

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